Saturday, June 30, 2012

First Family Vaction

We took our first "Family" vaction to San Antonio. We came to San Antonio to visit Sea World.  While we were there we decided to take in the Riverwalk too! We enjoyed a ride down the river. 
For a 2 year old he did pretty good on the ride. The first 15 minutes he was looking around and pointing out stuff. The last 15 minutes he wanted to drive the boat. A 30 minute ride is a little too long to keep a 2 year old entertained.
This was our view from the hotel. We were right on the Riverwalk. This was Hunter's first time to stay in a hotel. A man from the hotel helped us to take our luggage to the room. Hunter was telling him all about coming to see "Mumu"..Shamu :-). I showed Hunter the room, the view and the "potty" ... essential for potty training of course. It was a very nice hotel with a great view.  I was pretty impressed myself.  As for Hunter he looked at me and said "I wanna go to my house." After a while he finally got comfortable and enjoyed the stay in the hotel.
This was our big highlight of the trip ... SHAMU! Prior to coming the San Antionio I showed picutres and video of Shamu to Hunter. Honestly, it is much different to see her in person. Hunter sat and watched the entire time. He seemed to realy enjoy the show.
Hunter even got to see ELMO .. or as he calls him "Momo". This was a cute little show called "Elmo Rocks!" They even let the little one "rush" the stage like they were at a real concert. Very kid friendly! This was also the coolest show because we were sitting right under fans!
We had a really good time at Sea World. Hunter saw all kinds of sea creatures, played in the splash pad and visited a few Sesame Street friends. We were there about 8 hours. Hunter walked around with us the entire time and he was such a good little boy!
Vacations a very different when you have little ones. For me, I was able to see the things were were doing through Hunter's eyes. Watching his face light up as he saw something for the first time ever was so neat! We are looking forward to many more "Family" vacations.

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